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Alexa's Wish has a Lasting Impact

Alexa's wish to meet Orlando Bloom

“ My wish was a big turning point in my treatment ”

- Alexa

Alexa was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was 12 years old. In the midst of treatment, surgeries and hospital stays in 2006, her wish to meet her favorite actor, Orlando Bloom, was granted. Alexa's wish gave her the strength she needed to continue her fight, and today she's a nurse in the same neurosurgery unit where she was treated. In the letter from Alexa below, she shares more about her wish and its lasting impact.

Alexa's wish to meet Orlando BloomMy name is Alexa, and I was diagnosed with a brain tumor when I was just 12 years old. Over the years, I have endured six brain surgeries, countless hospital visits, seizures, and complications that convinced doctors I might never walk again.

I tried my best to stay strong, but it was a really scary time filled with uncertainty for me and my family.

In 2006, my wish to meet my favorite actor, Orlando Bloom, was granted. I had watched all of his movies (many times!) and even had a life-size cutout of him in my room. It was textbook teenage obsession!

I can still perfectly visualize what it was like to meet Orlando for the first time. He was so kind and friendly, and made me feel so comfortable. Meeting him and being on the set of his movie made me feel like the most special person in the world. 

My wish was a big turning point in my treatment. After months of intense surgeries and hospitalizations, there were so many times when my family and I felt completely hopeless. My wish changed everything - it took all the worries away, restored hope for me and my family, and was the reset button we needed. 

Thanks to donors like you who believe in the power of a wish, my family and I were able to create so many happy memories that gave me the strength to continue my fight. 

Alexa's wish to meet Orlando BloomToday, I’m a registered nurse in the neurology unit at the same hospital that saved my life. I am grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward and help others going through the same things I did. I am more confident than ever that when a wish works together with treatment, it can help a kid like me defy the odds and push towards tomorrow. 

I am proof that you can transform a child’s life with a simple donation. The process is easy, and the impact is significant. I hope you will consider giving a child just like me the vital gift of hope today. 


Alexa, wish kid

P.S. There are more than 190 kids waiting for their wish - kids who need their own reset button, just like I did. Thank you for making a life-changing gift of hope today.

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