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Mary Claire’s Alaskan Dog Sled Adventure

Mary Claire (right) with a sled dog on her wish trip to Alaska

“ Even though Mary Claire doesn't talk a lot, when someone talks about the trip a big smile comes across her face! ”

- Mary Claire's Mom

Ever since Mary Claire saw “Snow Buddies,” a movie about a boy who trains six puppies and a young husky in the hopes of winning a dog sled race, she has dreamed of traveling to Alaska to see a race in person.

Mary Claire’s Alaskan Dog Sled Adventure began with her taking her parents and older sister to the Last Frontier.

In the Last Frontier Mary Claire was able to visit Seavey’s Ididaride Dog Sled Tours and take a dogsled ride. While on the tour she picked out her favorite dog from about one hundred dogs. Imagine her surprise when the tour guide said the one she picked out was named Hugo and as a puppy played Shasta in the “Snow Buddies” movie.

Mary Claire’s Alaskan Dog Sled Adventure also led her to see animals in their natural habitat. During a breezy cruise one day Mary Claire was lucky enough to see whales, dolphins, puffins, sea otters and seals. Another day they took a tram ride up a mountain ski resort and visited a wildlife conservation center. There they had the chance to see wild animals like bears and buffalos. 

She was one happy girl that day and it is what she talks about most now that we are home. ”

— Mary Claire's mom

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