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John-Logan's Thrilling Wish to go Swimming with Sharks

  • John-Logan's wish to go swimming with sharks

  • John-Logan's wish to go swimming with sharks

  • John-Logan's wish to go swimming with sharks

“ What a fun adventure! ”

- John-Logan's Mom

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Growing up in Southwest Virginia, John-Logan was a "typical" teen. He was a good student, active in school, and enjoyed everything rough and tumble, especially football. He began playing as a child in recreation leagues and then played in high school, at least for a while.

In August 2014, at age 16, John-Logan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He was beginning his junior year and had just played in the first scrimmage game when things began to rapidly take a turn for the worse. He began noticing a “funny” feeling in his neck and was a bit more tired than usual. Soon, this progressed to severe back and hip pain, feeling fatigued, and a swollen neck. Within a day of seeing his pediatrician, he was admitted to the hospital, where he had a bone marrow aspiration and his first dose of chemotherapy. Everything happened so quickly. John-Logan’s first year of treatment was the most difficult for him. He had multiple complications, and was in and out of the hospital most of the year. His second and third years of treatment were progressively "better" by comparison. During his third year of treatment he was able to resume school full time for his senior year. Incredibly, John-Logan graduated on time, and was bestowed a special honor by his senior classmates.

When considering his wish, there was much discussion about football.  However, John-Logan ultimately decided his wish would be to go cage diving with great white sharks. His fascination with sharks goes back to when he was small.  He never missed a new episode of Shark Week, read books about sharks and collected shark teeth when the family would go to the beach. Seeing sharks up close and personal would be the ultimate wish.

John-Logan, his parents and brother left for his wish adventure to the San Francisco Bay area. They loved everything about the city and enjoyed their experiences touring the various landmarks.  When the day of his wish arrived, they climbed aboard the charter boat and headed into the Pacific Ocean.  The captain and crew launched the cage and tried repeatedly to attract local sharks. The boys happily changed into the wet suits and dove into shark cage, 15 feet below the surface.  Although no sharks came near the boats, they could see evidence of shark attacks in nearby waters. John-Logan thoroughly enjoyed the adventure and had multiple sightings of whales, dolphin and many types of sea birds.

The incredible experiences didn't stop with his cage-diving adventure, though! The whole family visited Muir Woods in the Redwood forests. The beauty, majesty and silence were memorable for John-Logan. Additionally, John-Logan and his brother spent a full day learning to surf.  They had a blast, and learned that they were both naturals, too! John-Logan’s mother said it was clear that her boys were “born to surf.”

Everything else about this wish was incredible and even more splendid than expected. John-Logan experienced a week full of adventures that will bring lasting memories of family fun in the wake of a very challenging chapter of his life.

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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