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Volunteer Opportunities

Learn about the different types of volunteer opportunities available at our chapter. Each volunteer plays a significant role in helping us continue to deliver our mission of bringing hope, strength and joy to these deserving children.

Wish Granters
**At this time, we are at capacity for wish granter volunteers in Richmond, Fredericksburg and Winchester.  We will not be taking applications for these regions until further notice. There are many ways to get involved, and if you live in one of these areas, we hope you will take a look at other opportunities to support our work and help make wishes come true!

Meet with our wish kids to discover and help fulfill their wish and leave their family with a lasting, memorable experience. Wish granters work in teams of two and meet directly with the wish child and their families. The volunteer team interviews the wish child in order to get to the heart of the wish. Wish granters enhance the wish experience by throwing wish parties, helping with shopping sprees, attending celebrity meet and greets, and more. This is a long term volunteer opportunity and training is required. The time required each month varies, but most wishes average two to four hours a month. You must submit a background check. 

Help facilitate wish experiences for non-English-speaking families. Translators have the option of becoming fully-trained wish granting volunteers, or they can provide short-term support on an as-needed basis.

Special Events
Help us with special events and promotions that benefit Make–A-Wish® Greater Virginia. Plan, organize, and implement successful fundraising events by working on committees, helping out on event day, and /or participating in the event.

Assist our development team in seeking in-kind donations, write grant and/or sponsorship proposals, collaborate to build partnerships with local companies, conduct research on local companies giving campaign, organize a frequent flier donation campaign, sell paper Make-A-Wish stars, or plan/organize an external event to benefit Make-A-Wish.

Office Volunteers
Office volunteers help during regular business hours and are responsible for a wide variety of office duties; such as data entry, mailings, filing, photocopying, answering phones and more.

Interested in Becoming A Volunteer?

Wish granter volunteers Sarah and Tessa.Review the types of volunteer roles, watch an orientation video and take a quiz before contacting us to apply.

If you have any questions not answered on the volunteering FAQ page, please email or call Jenna Peterson at (804) 217-9474.

Watch the Volunteer Orientation Video

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