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W.I.S.H. Circle

WISH Circle LuncheonThe W.I.S.H. Circle empowers women, recognized for their significant professional and civic achievements, to fund the wishes of local children facing critical medical conditions. These community-minded and passionate honorees each raise the funds to grant one child’s wish in our community, a minimum of $10,000, during a two-month fundraising campaign, inspiring hope and joy for a child and their family.

At the conclusion of the campaign each year, Make-A-Wish Greater Virginia hosts a W.I.S.H. Circle celebration to honor these outstanding women for their achievements and personal commitment to Make-A-Wish. The honoree who raises the most funds is crowned the W.I.S.H. Circle Fairy Godmother. Our W.I.S.H. Honorees play an integral role in our mission raising more than $1.2 million to fund more than 150 wishes collectively since the Circle’s inception in 2015.

If you would like to nominate an honoree, please call our office at 804-217-9474.

To learn more about our upcoming W.I.S.H. Circle celebrations please choose the appropriate link below.

For the 2019 W.I.S.H. Circle Richmond, visit to learn more about Night Under The Stars.

  W.I.S.H. Circle Richmond

2015 Inaugural Class Raised $262,045!

W.I.S.H. Circle Fairy Godmother: Barbara McCarthy

Honorees: Sally Ashby, Michelle Busby, Kelly Chenault, Maria Curran, Kim Gottwald, Jannemieke Keener, Cathy Keiger, Beth Ann Pretty, and Angela Wilkes

2016 Class Raised $154,336!

WI.S.H. Circle Fairy Godmother: Jill Bussey Harris

Honorees: Paige Blashfield, Stephanie Calcagni, Kathleen Cavanagh, Martha Chapman, Christy Clary, Lila Dickinson, Sunny Goode, Cheryl Slokker, and Meredith Thrower

2017 Class Raised $228,054!

W.I.S.H. Circle Fairy Godmother: Erika Davis

Honorees: Ann Caudle, Dede Davis, Linda Forem, Jennifer Gardner, Pat Haynes, Felicia Noland, Mary Harvard Nolde, Johnelle Torbert, Farrar Wentworth, and Cindy Wofford

2018 Class Raised $190,122!

W.I.S.H. Circle Fairy Godmother: Courtney Worrell

Honorees: Paige Clay, Kate Crone, Emily Fishburne, Robin Heath-Kahn, Mary Leipertz, Tracy McGuire, Nikki Miller Ferguson, Courtney Orensky, Holly Shaheen, and India Sisler

Fall 2018 Class Raised $151,160!

W.I.S.H. Circle Fairy Godmother: Jenny Courain

Honorees: Mary K. Butler, Julia Caperton, Currie Costen, Robin Foster, Michelle Logan, Shannon Milligan, Kathleen Mills, Katie Ukrop, and Team Rainraps - Stacy Struminger & Rachel Teyssier.

W.I.S.H. Circle Blue Ridge

2019 Inaugural Class Raised $100,859!

W.I.S.H. Circle Fairy Godmother: Sarah Coleman

Honorees: Jaime Clark, Katy Cookston, Kristin Elder, Robin Kahl, and Misty Reed

W.I.S.H. Circle Hampton Roads

2016 Inaugural Class Raised $57,706!

W.I.S.H. Circle Fairy Godmother: Debra Flores

Honorees: Julia Anderson, Karen Downs, Ellen McBride, and Courtney Wallace

2017 Class Raised $76,215!

W.I.S.H. Circle Fairy Godmother: Terri Lavenstein

Honorees: Rita Bunch, Lisa Hartman, Deborah Morewitz, Julie Trudell, and Lucy Williams

2019 Class Raised $71, 656!

W.I.S.H. Circle Fairy Godmother: Melissa Alexy

Honorees: Joe and Danielle Reubel, Elizabeth Quinn, Jennifer Sictor, Channing Taylor, and Erin Ward


A wish granted is vital for children diagnosed with a critical illness. It has the power to change lives.

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