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Latest Status Update

  • Volunteer Highlight: Kathy Donovan Favorite Wish Story: Paleontologist cool and unique is that! Our wish child returned last month from the first ever Make-A-Wish Dinosaur Dig in Montana. The weather was perfect and she discovered a ceratopsian scapula (right shoulder bone in the class of horned dinosaur - triceratops is an example) making this an ideal wish for the wish child. Most Memorable Moment: Having the opportunity to tell the wish child that their wish was granted. Our Wish Child is going to see the NY Yankees, so we put multiple baseball caps in a treasure box and gave them out to the volunteers since they were not the teams our wish child requested, we then gave him some other items unrelated to the wish...finally, we presented him with NY Yankee reusable stickers that he had to unroll to reveal. His face lit up with the biggest smile - precious moment! Current Wish: He continuously reminds us that he is a ladies man - he is 7! He is adorable, full or energy and makes being a volunteer sooooo much fun!
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