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Latest Status Update

  • VOLUNTEER HIGHLIGHT- Sarah Haggerty "My first wish interview several years ago was with a boy named Jackson. I remember feeling nervous as I drove to their home, uncertain of what to expect. He and his family were so warm and appreciative and when Jackson’s dad asked me how long I had been with the organization I told him this was my “first wish”. He smiled and through joyful tears told me this was his first wish too. Jackson will go to Germany this year! I don’t have a favorite wish but have favorite parts of many of the wishes I have been part of. They are all so different but have been equally as special. Some of the best experiences that come to mind are: • Watching Jackson’s parents tear up when Jackson, 10, described his wish to visit castles in Germany. • Watching Jah’Navi, 6, deliver cookies to all of the special people in the oncology department at CHKD to start his special wish day. Shortly after Jah’Navi’s passing, I received a card in the mail from his father, thanking me for making his day so special (a shopping spree) and telling me that I would always be part of their family. This is a letter I will never forget opening. • Revisiting Aaron, 5, for his wish sendoff party to Disney. It had been 6 months since his interview, where he was cautious, exhausted from his cancer treatment and shy. When we threw the sendoff party he greeted us at the door with excitement, smiles and loads of energy. It was so nice to see that his health had improved and he could be a little boy again! • Christopher, 4, was waiting at the window between the curtain and the window, waving to me with a huge smile and eagerly awaiting Heather and I to ring the doorbell. I think one of my wish families fathers described it best when he walked me to the door after our interview and told me that I was on the right end of what his son was going through. We are a diversion from hospitals, doctors and treatments. We are able to provide joy during a time of fear and sadness for the children and their families."
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